The Vortex Parallel Rifts® Megaverse®

This parallel dimension differs from the Official Rifts® Megaverse® as described below and on subsequent pages.

The changes in a lot of areas are substantial and reflect the authors view that a world, even as one a fantastic as Rifts Earth should make cohesive sense at all levels, which the original rules for the setting do not. There are just too many holes and flaws at the basic macro economic level and in the basic logic and environment cohesiveness, the most fundamental being that without global trade the Coalition cannot exist. Period! It just has no raw materials to produce anything with/from.

That is not to say that the original setting and material is not inspiring it is, otherwise the author wouldn't have bothered to put the work in to "fix" the rules and to allow him to run a cohesive campaign.

Before exploring the realms within this dimension, Palladium Books® request that I, as author, ask you to please read the Palladium Internet Policy regarding the use of Palladium Copyright and Trademarks.

Available realms are :-

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