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Having created a character, the most likely next step is for the character to experience life in the world for which it was created, commonly called "Adventuring". As a character progresses though the world, he or she experiences it, and through experiencing it gains information, learns new things, has the opportunity to or is force to learn how to do new things, and hopefully has the opportunity to improve what they can already do.

To model this a character is awarded "Experience Points" to reflect their experiences in the world. If a traditional Class/Level system the amount of experience the character has gained gives them a character level and this sets their abilities in the skills they have and every few levels they may have the opportunity to gain one or two new skills.

In a classless levelless system these points are used to directly buy new skills or improve existing ones. This means that typically all skills are available to everybody at any time irrespective of whether they are fresh out of school or have 50 years of life exerience on the streets.

YAUGS overcomes these problems by using architype definitions to define classes and seperating the improvement of skills and abilities from the confines of the "Level up" system.

YAUGS achieves the former by allowing all skills to be learnt by anybody, although there may be pre-requisites that prevent a skill being learnt, and the character may have a disadvantage that prevents the pre-requisite or skill being learnt.

YAUGS also allows the definition of "Abilities" that are restrictable to a given architype, allowing only that architype to learn or progress the development of these abilities.

Allowing continual development of skills or abilities outside of level progression is achieved through the use of the "Character Points(CP)" system

Experience and Character Points

Experience is awarded by the GM for adventuring. It is typically awarded in respect of

As experience is earnt it is converted to Character Points, the number of experience points required to earn 1CP dependant upon the characters current level. CP do not have to be spent as they are earnt, in fact a character may have to wait for a suitable opportunity to take a break from the daily grind to specifically learn or improve a skill - it is not always possible to learn on the job, and brand new skills always require instruction from a suitably qualified individual to learn, unless they're related to an existing skill.

The following table provides a standard experience/level/CP progression table. Unless the Games Master has good reason the table should be used un-modified and all architypes should progress accordingly.

  Level Xp Range Xp per CP  
  1 0 - 2000 10  
  2 2001 - 4200 11  
  3 4201 - 6800 13  
  4 6801 - 10000 16  
  5 10001 - 14000 20  
  6 14001 - 19000 25  
  7 19001 - 25400 32  
  8 25401 - 33600 41  
  9 33601 - 44000 52  
  10 44001 - 57000 65  
  11 57001 - 73000 80  
  12 73001 - 93000 100  
  13 93001 - 118000 125  
  14 118001 - 149000 155  
  15 149001 - 187000 190  
  16 1870001 - 235000 240  
  17 235001 - 335000 290  
  18 335001 - 405000 350  
  19 405001 - 485000 425  
  20 485001 - 690000 525  
  21 690001 - 820000 650  
  22 820001 - 960000 700  
  23 960001 - 1140000 900  
  24 1140001 - 1380000 1200  
  25 1380001 - 1700000 1600  
  26 1700001 - 2125000 2125  
  27 2125001 - 2590000 2325  
  28 2590001 - 3120000 2650  
  29 3120001 - 3750000 3150  
  30 3750001 - 4520000 3850  

Character Points

Character points (CP) are points that are used to initially create and subsequently improve a character. As defined under skills, CP are used to buy a characters skills the cost of any skill dependant upon its complexity and current level.

Where Abilities are defined for an Architype the cost of raising an ability level is fixed regardless of the current level of the ability. Typically Abilities cost 25CP per ability level and only 1 ability level can be purchased at a time. Additionally increments in Abilities can only be made at set Character Point interval levels, typically every 200 or 250 CP, and only a single ability or ability increment can be made at this point. If reference is made to the Experience table it will be noted that each level is based on a 200CP increment.

Whilst this is typical for most abilities some, for example spells in the WorldStone setting, follow different rules. Spells for example, whilst only capable of being added/incremented every 200CP are brought as a block, meaning more than one spell can be purchased/raised at each level, although each spell can still only be incremented by 1 level at a time. Spell purchase is dealt with under the Sorcerer, Warlock, Priest, and Druid Architypes for the WorldStone Setting.

In addition to purchasing and raising skills and abilities character points are also used to raise attributes, assuming they are less than their potential. There is also the possibility of using them to purchase new advantages or buy-off disadvntages but this is subject to the Game Masters approval.

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