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Sceafetsige Battle Practices are held on Crown Estate Land forming part of the Windsor Great Forest. Part of the Forest, adjacent to Nine Mile Ride, is leased to Bracknell Forest Council who operate 'The Look-out' science and discovery centre. The area of forest between the A322, Nine Mile Ride, and the Crowthorne by-pass is open to the public for walking, Mountain Biking, and Horse riding (the later requiring permits).
Under a license agreement where by we pay the Crown Estate 1 per head per practice we are allowed to use the first fire break adjacent to Nine Mile Ride between the Look-out entrance on Nine Mile Ride and the A322.

Getting to 'The Look-Out'

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Finding the practice site

As you enter the Look-Out there is an area for horse-box parking almost immediately on your left. At the far end of the horse box parking is a gate leading to a track or 'ride'.
To find the practice site follow the track until you get to the cross-roads where the first fire break crosses it. Turn left down the fire break. After about 50 yards you come to a break in the trees on the left hand side. We hold our pracitices here.

Meeting up for a practice

We meet up in the car park of the look-out at 13:00 on each listed practice date.We usually concregate in the corner of the car park just 'above' the horse box parking area.
To park here, after passing the horse-box area the entrance road bends 90° right. Immediately on the left is a opening into the parking area, turn left into this area and then left again almost immediately. Find somewhere to park.

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